1000 Gecs Is A Beautiful Mess Of Sounds

Article by Justin Cervantes

100 Gecs, the unforgiving front of noise from Laura Les and Dylan Brandy, have released their first commercial album, 1000 Gecs. Despite 100 Gecs only being a recent conception, the duo has discovered its sound--and, really, it’s a beautiful mess of sounds.

1000 Gecs Album Artwork

1000 Gecs Album Artwork

The album’s opening track, 745 sticky, highlights the duo’s main defining sound of sweet high-pitched bubblegum pop, only to sharply dive into bass-dropping and siren-blaring dubstep. Whereas the third track of the album, 800db cloud, further showcases the duo’s versatility and range, with the last quarter of the track shifting from bubblegum pop to abrasive death metal.

On paper, these clashes of sounds shouldn’t work as great as they do. However, 100 Gecs manages to not only synergize them together, but avoid making it seem like a gimmick. Instead, this album oozes a confidence that some of its more energetic tracks, such as Money Machine and Stupid Horse convey in-your-face.

With so many different sounds in this baby, it’s no surprise that anyone could find any of the ten tracks to be their favorite. With a runtime of 23 minutes, 1000 Gecs is a short and sweet genre-splicing taste of what the still-young 100 Gecs has to offer in what, hopefully, is a lengthy, creative, and weird run.

Check out 1000 Gecs by 100 Gecs below and keep up with the artists here & here