Feeling Alive With BIG FUN On ‘HAPPY SCARY’

Article + Photos by James Alan Duran

Big Fun at The Smell in Los Angeles, CA

Big Fun at The Smell in Los Angeles, CA

Big Fun just released their debut record, an explosive collection of 11 heavy, dark, and infectious tracks titled “Happy Scary” that we couldn’t be more excited about. Originally discovering them at a warehouse show on a random Thursday night in Downtown LA, Big Fun have quickly become one of our favorite bands of all time and we’re increasingly excited for their future. To gain a little insight on the new release we asked them to briefly describe their creation to us in a sentence (or two)

“Happy Scary is Big Fun’s Bleach, our ambition was a dirty, raw, and live feeling album hybridized with guttertech electronics and modern production. This is the bridge to the next album that’s going to be way heavier and electronic.”


Check out ‘Happy Scary’ NOW and come hangout in Los Angeles for Big Fun’s second record release party presented by us and Penniback Records at The Factory in Downtown Los Angeles (info here)

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