Article by James Alan Duran

Photos courtesy of GIRLFIEND

Girlfiend members Angelica, Danielle, Comet, and Baby (left to right) by @fabi.bbys (Insta)

Girlfiend members Angelica, Danielle, Comet, and Baby (left to right) by @fabi.bbys (Insta)


BE IN A BAND, OR DIE. is excited to premier Nature, Love, and Anger - the dark debut album by Los Angeles based Post-Punk/Alt Rock band GIRLFIEND

While Girlfiend as a band in its current all-femme presenting lineup (as pictured) has only been around since September of 2018, Comet - the London born, gender non-conforming, visual artist/front-woman of the band, has been writing the lyrics that would would become Nature, Love, and Anger since 2016. According to Comet the lyrics chronicle her late teen years as a lonely queer person living in Los Angeles while the Riot-Grrrl rock movement as well as her own demonic, vampire-esque, elven asthetic is what inspires the bands self-described strong visuals and dissonant sound.

“Girlfiends sound lives in a dark space that is, at once, luscious, grimey, jagged, and beautiful…These 11 songs often evoke sadness, angst, and violence, but have catharsis as their ultimate goal. I was mad the world, but I was more mad at myself.”

-Comet on Girlfiends sound and NLA

Although it’s clear that each track on Nature, Love, and Anger is unique in it’s own way, the band suggests that you listen to the record from start to finish as it follows a narrative and tells a story - something they feel isn’t represented as often in popular music. We can’t argue with that, listening to the album all the way through is one hell of an experience, find out for yourself.…

Listen to Nature, Love, and Anger below, premiering exclusively on BE IN A BAND, OR DIE and keep up with GIRLFIEND on Instagram